Bed and Breakfast in Schotland.


A "Bed and breakfast is a typical description of a residence where travelers, vacationers, can eat and sleep in, usually, large house. Often the family will stay the rooms set in the same house. Guests have their own private quarters. In some cases, there is a private bathroom. If not, then usually there is a bathroom/toilet specially designed for the guests. The family that lives in the house, have their own apartments. Often the rooms made ​​available to (family) income supplement. It is also possible that renting rooms in this form is the main income of the family.

It is possible to stay for several days in a B & B stay. It is true that people often expect you to most of the day are not present. The small size of this service is quite possible to make agreements with the 'management'. As the name suggests, the morning breakfast is served. That often happens in the bedroom but it is also possible that this is a special room reserved. In Scotland, serving a mix between a continental or full english breakfast. You must find out for yourself what that content. If you are not used to strong morning breakfast, it is recommended as the first cat from the tree to watch. Nevertheless, there is always something your (breakfast) taste is present.




Reservation of accommodation.

On the internet there are many options for searching and pre-book a B & B accommodation. We only give here a few large sites, but there are so many more. If you are searching for B&B with google with words like 'B&B scotland' you will get over one million hits. There is ALWAYS something to find. If you then want to separate wheat from the chaff, we advise you to find a B&B that is joined, and an appreciation of the Scottish Tourist Board. Here's a link to the site of that it uses high quality.  


The online search for a B & B accommodation.

There are innumerable B & B on the internet. We have here, in our opinion, most organizations that included excellent B & Bs are affiliated. We find B & Bs that are members of the Scottish Tourist Board for a stitch because the rating as given by the Board, each year is controlled and thus creates some certainty about the quality offered.


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