Scotland travel by train.

Besides flying and sailing IT is also possible to go by train to Scotland from the mainland and vica versa. Through the channel tunnel, which lies between Calais (FR) and Folkestone (GB) can be driven across. This possibility is generally quite a trip to enjoy.

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When you first drive by car, camper or motor to Calais in France, hence driving the shutletrein Eurotunnel under the strait through to arrive at Folkestone. From there you can continue your journey north to Scotland. For the cost you should count on an amount between € 70 and € 100 =.
Edinburgh from Folkestone is at least 9.5 hours drive. Inverness is still about 3 hours drive on.





Another way is to use the train connection. If you want fast from the Europian main land to London, the TGV, eurostar or Thalys from the nearest suburban railway station is a possibility. On TGV.COM are several possibilities to the most appropriate 'train tickets' purchase. In England, arrived by Eurostar you can travel to the major Scottish cities. In this way, travel is a luxury. Enjoying the scenery, except in the tunnel:), a lovely chair, driven to the place where you have booked.



Within the program of House of Britain, the journey through the Channel Tunnel is also discussed. This organization also has something extra on offer. It is worth to visit this site and then just make your choice where you purchase your tickets. At House of Britain there are also other options in order to travel to Scotland. Particularly through overseas connections. 



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