With a motorhome traveling through Scotland.

With an Camper or motorhome, going through Scotland, will give you the maximum freedom with pure luxury. Everything at hand, and each day a different place (if you want). Scotland is great for exploring by camper. The country is large enough, there's plenty to see and drive. There are not many sites that are designed for campers to receive. Please refer to the list that we put on the site. Also very nice camping in the wild in Scotland, which is allowed.

For the first time with a camper on the road in Scotland?

It is a great experiance with a motorhome traveling through Scotland, but there are only a few campsites and certainly not with facillities like you see in France and Germany. How do you manage that? It depends a bit on what your camper (rented) have on board, but just in general: Electricity can be found only on campsites. Most campers have a internal battery that suplied electricity (12V). You can't use every thing, but there is light on board. Nowadays there are also campsites which have for their official gate / barrier a camper spots for late arrival. There is the place you can overnight, and then the next day checkout. Some have even electricity.

You may also go to a Tourist Information in the visiting town and just ask if there is a public place to overnight. Mostly it is ok and there are public toilets nearby. in Scotland there are public toilets in almost every town. Most of them are clean. They are not only found in (large) stations on main roads, but often in small villages. Furthermore, your camper will surely be equipped with a cassette toilet. That you can clean when you get to a campsite. For water: almost always use bottled water for food / drink water from the tank of the motor home for things like washing / cleaning etc.

What documents must I take to Scotland?
It is important that you take your Camper valid registration certificate. Do not forget your valid (signed) green insurance card.
Of course for each person a valid passport or identity card. Remember that the little ones are added to the passport!

Furthermore, you can count on some paperwork if you want to bring a pet.
Look HERE about bringing pets to Scotland.

On the English site motorcaravaning.co.uk you really find everything that has to do with camping in a motorhome in England/Scotland. Also very much background information about the use of a motor home and the many beautiful camping-places in England and Scotland is profided.

Campsites overview

Using the tool GOOGLE MAP we have put the known sites for you on the map of Scotland. We are aware that this list is not complete. We are updating this overview on regular base.

Any small explanation for using GOOGLE MAP:
Right of the screen you see the names of the campsites. The map shows the sites indicated. At each site we have included more information about the site.

With using the controls on the left you can zoom in or out on the map. Right corner of the map you can see the landscape of the map into view. We must admit that the other does not really hits will be more precise than the normal map. Try it.
We have the cards broken down by region (county), so it has become a bit easier.

To the Overview.


Make a packing list online and in a holiday checklist!

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Prepared on tour.

A good investment of time to prepare a trip through Scotland, is of course, this website. It is also possible to consult a good reference. There are several books for sale. Below is a (very) small sample. More Books, CDs and DVDs can easily be found HERE.



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