Staying in a cottage in Scotland. 


Rental companies.

Below we give some advice about rental companies where you can rent a cottage. Most companies do NOT own these cottages. These are just owned by individuals or local investment companies that rent via a company. These rental companies trade off the paperwork. These companies also have the responsibility to the customer that the quality of the house meets certain standards. These are generally very high. These companies do check every year the state of the cottage and the quality of the service.


On the website of Cottage4you , you can find hundreds of cottages for rent in Scotland. Cottage4you handles the (financial) administration off. The real value lies in the fact that an individual cottage must pass a lot of quality conditions before it will be rented via Cottage4you . And you realize it when you're back home after a lovely holiday in Scotland. Then it appears that everything was top and you can leave the worries at home. Cottage4you has a very extensive range prices for the rental cottages. It is advisable to have a look at the cottages offered on the Isle of Skye.



Another organization that ensures the houses, the cottages, of a high quality, both in decor and location, is Dales Holiday Cottages.This organisation,Dales Holiday Cottages, has more than 125 cottages in Scotland.


Cottages in Scotland


At OUT! Vakantiehuizen, a Dutch rental company, you fullfil all youre holiday needs. Is it a simple apartment or a house you are looking for? Or do you want on a holiday or are you looking for (for the whole family or colleagues) a group of cottages close together close? As mentioned, OUT! Vakantiehuizen come a long way. Do you want a three-week tour with every week another cottage to rent? At OUT! Vakantiehuizen it is no problem and the coordination with the people in place is well organized.




At, also a Dutch compahy, there are approximately 90 cottages present in there system. All are beautiful and not expensive. This Dutch site helps you easily through the booking process. Affiliated to the ANVR also shows a bit more confidence. If you book a cottage at, your holiday will be in any case assured. 


(Holiday) Home exchange.


on the website of many houses are registered in Scotland whose owners are happy to have traded their property with people who live in the Netherlands or Belgium. If you choose, it can save certainly several thousand euro's per vacation. More than worth taking time to consult this site of


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