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With this website we want to introduce you to Scotland in all its facets and possibilities. This website is mainly intended to inform you about the place and its recreational opportunities. We searched for background information about Scotland and we have gathered this information for you and put this on the World Wide Web where people are generally looking for this information.

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  • Travel.
    With the menu item travel, you will find all information relating to the trip, in and, to Scotland. What are the possibilities and who offers them?
  • Accommodations
    From wild camping to stay in the most luxurious hotel. From staying in a hostel to rent an authentic cottage. We will inform you about the possibilities and where to find it.
  • Photo's
    Over the years we have over 1500 photos taken in Scotland. We have the most appealing (not the best) pictures chosen to share this with you.
  • Service
    As a service we provide practical tips for staying in Scotland. As a service we will provide you with background information on the history, current facts and other useful information.

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A good investment of time to prepare a trip to Scotland, is of course, this website. It is also possible to consult a good reference. There are several books for sale. Below is a (very) small sample. More Books, CDs and DVDs can easily be found HERE.



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One of the main issues by planning a vacation is that you do not know exactly where a specific town or village is precisely located. Its possible that you know in which area you want to stay, but you have no idea which cities are located there. On this site are several ways to snoop around geographically. 
Using these facilities, offered by us, you can browse and retrieve information about the area, the towns, campsites etc. 
You can found it HERE.


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