Staying in Scotland for a holiday.

making choices.

There are many possibilities in Scotland during your vacation time to stay.
Depending on your budget and specific needs, there is always a suitable spot. We give here a list of possibilities. Each option has a page on this website with more detailed information. 

Possibilities of accommodation in Scotland:

 • Camping with a tent, camper or caravan in the wild or at a campsite.
 • Staying in a (youth) hostel.
 • Through Scotland with a camper /  Motorhome.
 • Staying in a Mobile home on a campsite / Holidaypark.
 • Holiday in a cottage or appartment.
 • Using the B & B (bed and breakfast) facilities.
 • Staying in a hotel in Scotland.

The trip to Scotland.

So there are plenty of options. There is something for everyone to find. On this website we discuss travel opportunities to and in Scotland. Even there are many choices to make. So you can fly to Scotland, or sail going through the tunnel with a shuttle train. You can use your own car and, after arriving by plane or boat, rent a car. Public transport, both train and bus, plays an important role in making the right choices.


Camping & Mobile Homes Rental.

We are proud to announce that we have a pretty complete list of campsites in Scotland and locations of all rental mobile homes. Some 350 sites are now in our database. Most of these sites also have facilities for campers or Motorhome to receive. Perhaps unnecessarily, but we are well aware that we will not be complete, since there are (very) small campsites where we do not have the data. 
 It is also allowed to 'wild' camping in Scotland. There are hundreds if not thousands of beautiful spot where you just find your caravan, camper or tent to set and enjoy the free feeling in nature.


Hotels, guesthouses, bunkhouses, etc.....

Especially in popular tourist areas and in major cities, the number of accommodation possibilities are endless, but one will always find something else to be happy. An official classification of hotels into classes is not, but the Scottish Tourist Board do provide indications stars: one star is the least and the most luxurious five stars. One finds it always indicated on signboards, etc. The prices are generally affordable.

Apart from official hotels you will also find a large number of houses (family hotels, mostly non-licensed, ie no liquor served, and often without restaurant) and then of course the real British institution: the B & B (Bed and Breakfast ). These opportunities range from full (small) simple hotels to a single room rented by individuals, but they all have in common that they are clean and solid, an excellent (English) breakfast will be served against very reasonable in price. There are indeed more and more places that serv the traditional Scottish 'High Tea' (ie dinner).  Another option for young people to stay during the holidays (from July to September) on one of the Scottish universities. In this area there are a number of boarding schools, religious groups and the like which provide accommodation.

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