Travel to Scotland

Travel to Scotland

Traveling in Scotland

Flying to Scotland rent a car
Via Eurotunnel to Scotland  By train through Scotland
Through an organized trip By bus through Scotland
Sailing to Scotland   
By train to Scotland  

You can travel, as with so many things in life, as fast or slow, as expensive or inexpensive as you want. To the other side of the North Sea (looking from the main land) are many possibilities. Each option has its pros and its cons.

Go for a short stay.

Then, fly and rent a car locally or use public transport. Depending on your budget, take a B & B (bed and breakfast) or a hotel there are also hostels. For short stays, you can also opt for a city or an outdoor sporting event.

Will you stay a little longer, say at least 2 or 3 weeks.Highlandroad to somewhere

Then it might be better to bring your own car. Then you have to need a ferry across the water or underneath through the Eurotunnel. When you decided to go without a car, then, definitely, go by plane is a cheaper option than by ferry. We say CAN be cheaper, because some companies offer motorcyclists or pedestrians crossing at a very cheap prise. For a longer trip can therefore consider the Scottish public transport. Both train and bus connections are excellent and there is virtually no place that is not reachable. 

Many opportunities are available!!

How about renting a camper or do you have access to a camper? In Scotland, beautiful campsites, but you can also wild camping in the outback.
Are you easily seasick, take shutle under the canal and proceed north. Once there are numerous options to stay. Depending on the budget can go to a HostelB & B or hotel itself. There are also opportunities for a (mobile) caravan, an apartment or a typical Scottish Cottage to rent.

Organized travel.

So you see, there are ample opportunities. Even if your organization wants to travel. There are plenty of tour operators who travel, package tours etc, organize. We will try to inform you as fully as possible so that you can make a proper selection.

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